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Becollino a complete line of products for the hygiene, care and protection of sensitive baby skin. The collection consists of products of the highest quality, designed according to the latest recipes and completely mild natural ingredients. Becollino products contain no sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes, as well as potential allergens.




We, newborn babies, we do not have many ways to show how we feel.


When we are satisfied and happy, laugh, coo and give your arms toward Mom and Dad. And when something does not please us, we usually cry. We are satisfied and happy when we bathed, cleaned and scented, when our skin is nourished, and when we do not have a rash.


Mom said that our skin is five times thinner than her and Dad. That's why it's more sensitive.

That's why moms choose the most gentle bath products, care and protection of our skin.

Therefore, mothers choose Becollino, a special collection for baby care.




Becollino is a gentle, special collection of products for complete hygiene, care and protection of sensitive baby skin, highest quality, designed according to the latest recipes and carefully selected, gentle ingredients. They do not contain artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, or potential allergens.


New, ultra mild product formulations for baby bath, no sulphates, so that the baby's skin is protected from the effects of their aggressive and preserved its natural casings.


Becollino The entire collection is clinically and dermatologically tested in the European Union.



Becollino products are made entirely from mild, natural ingredients.



  • Plant based products makes it beneficial Becollino extract. Marigold flower is known for its rich content of medicinal substances and essential oils, so it is considered a universal means for solving the problems of the skin. It has been proven that the extract regenerates the skin, soothes inflammation, rashes and sore spots and accelerates wound healing


  • Almond oil, vitamin E, chamomile extract, a natural protein, beeswax, panthenol, cocoa and shea butter, the food delicate baby skin and maintain its natural moisture. Allantoin, Bisabolol, vegetable oils, and other additives that Becollino products contain, in addition to have a beneficial effect


  • Becollino products are effective and easy to use, keep the Ph balance of baby's skin, a faint scent of their baby seems quiet and relaxed


  • Becollino has a gentle and simple answer to every need of your baby's skin